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  • Love my Maui Mode gear. Reminds me to stay in Maui Mode no matter where I am.

  • Drinkware for every day.

  • Maui Mode is in the air.

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Maui Mode was created for all of us.

I'm "Marci of Maui" the creator of Maui Mode gear. It is a lifestyle brand that embodies the feelings of Maui. I love Maui and wanted a way to share this special place with everyone, whether you are here on Maui or some place else. Bring that feeling with you.

It's a place. It's a feeling.

It's Maui Mode.

Fun in the Sun

Many hats for many styles.

Water, Water Everywhere

Please sign up for our email list. We have more products on the way. We are creating a collection of gear that will make your day on the Maui shores inviting and relaxing. See what floats your boat and get ready to ride the waves.

Hikes, bikes and many likes

No matter what draws you to Maui, you will find the gear here to suit your mood. Check out the latest collection of fun products to keep you stylish and enjoying every minute. We are adding new products, so check back often or sign up for our emails to be notified for new gear and promotions.


It's a place. It's a feeling. It's Maui Mode

  • Every day is a new start

  • Make every moment count

  • Do one thing every day that makes you happy